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Lunch & Learn Product Training


Lunch & Learn: a proven concept in which we offer you an interesting product training, or we can give you an overview of the possibilities Altheris can offer regarding sensors and measurement solutions. Do you have a specific case? Or do you want more general information about Altheris? We will arrange sandwiches and one of our enthusiastic specialists, you will arrange the curious colleagues.

How does this work

Everyone needs to lunch, so why not combine this daily routine with an interesting presentation? During this Lunch & Learn you are able to learn which of our products can be beneficial for your specific application.


The Lunch & learn sessions take place at our headquarters in Leidschendam or at your location.

Organize a Lunch & Learn

Are you interested in a Lunch & Learn session? Please contact one of our specialists by mail or by phone: +31 70 392 4421.
Let us know what your application is, your field of interest and with how many people you would like to participate. Please also let us know if you would like to have the session at your facility or at our office*. The costs of the lunch and Learn are completely covered by Altheris.

* At your facility is only applicable for customers within the Netherlands. We also offer webinars for companies located outside The Netherlands.