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Do what you love most, that is our motto. All the Altheris employees share one important thing: our passion for technology, sensor technology. We like to think different, which means that we believe that people should do what they like most, this will make them successful. Because what you like doing, you often are good at. An example given; an electrical engineer who has a passion for everything related to trains started as a junior sales engineer and became the product manager for the railway division. And because of his passion, there will be no one to help you better then him.

At Altheris not a single day is the same since our products are being applied in 1000 different applications, and the request from our customers vary from a customized rotary sensor for an OEM application to a very accurate inclination sensor for on a drilling platform. Because of this large variety in the job it never gets boring. We believe that if you find a job that you love, you never work a day in your life.

Competence centers

Most of our engineers have a background in electronics, which is the fundamental backbone of our specialism. However it´s not only electrical engineers that are involved in our business, we need our mechanical engineers, software engineers, pcb-designers and industrial designers in order to come to the best solution. Because of the broad knowledge base we can offer you lots of technical expertise in several areas and of course lots of experience.

Within the Althen sensors & controls group company we work with the so-called competence centers. Product managers are experts in a specific area and can be seen as the managers of a certain competence center. They are continuously developing new specific knowledge in that area to be able to advise our customers in the best way possible and besides that to share it internally with the other employees. In this way we can offer you the best state of the art advice when it comes down to sensors on any specific product line.