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Harbour terminals


Harbour applications require explosion proof joysticks and joysticks suited for in this hazardous environment. Our sensors offer high reliability and safety.

Altheris developed a special program sensors, joysticks and measurement solutions for this industry. The joysticks come with ATEX components designed for use in these explosive and harsh environments.

Are you looking for IECEX approved sensors or joysticks for in the harbour industry? Contact us via mail or + 31 70 392 4421

Harbour applications

These IECEX approved sensors and joysticks are used by companies worldwide. You will find them in applications such as:
  • Fork lifts
  • Work boats
  • Monitoring systems
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Bridges at harbour terminals
  • Weighing systems

Harbour industry measurement solutions

  • strain gauges
  • inclination sensors
  • draw wire sensors
  • position sensors
  • pressure sensors
  • load cell amplifiers
  • load cells
  • industrial joysticks
  • rotation sensors
Of course all with ATEX components and they can be customized to your specific requirements. The joysticks are available in different sizes and 1-, 2- or 3-axis.

Would you like to receive more information on the this program? Or are you looking for a custom made solution? Please contact our engineers via mail or + 31 70 392 4421 They have expertise on this program and look forward to provide you with measurement solutions that suit your application.