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Altheris founded in 1947, is one of the oldest electronics technology companies in the Netherlands. In 2006 Mr. Dirk Schouten became the new owner and CEO of the Broadporte holding to which Altheris belongs.

Altheris is since the beginning an innovative sensor technology company with an excellent reputation and over 60 years of expertise in the field of sensors & controls. In the early days the company started with the development of rotary potentiometers, later industrial joysticks were added, and from there it grew into the all round sensor specialist which Altheris is today. The broad product portfolio and the ability to customize the products gives Altheris the opportunity to offer the right sensor solution for any specific application.
In 2007 colleague sensor specialist company Althen mess & sensortechnik was acquired by the group and became part of the Broadporte holding group.

Since 2011 Altheris and Althen (sister company in Germany) started working together more closely in order to benefit from each others strengths. The companies already had a lot of similarities but especially the differences between the two have created beneficial synergies in the recent years. Especially due to the intensive co-operation between the two companies the amount of application knowledge has increased tremendously, and because of this we are better able to serve our customers in Europe with the right sensor solutions.
Over the last years we have developed branch specific product divisions. There is a division dedicated to sensor solutions in the railway industry, in the civil industry, in the maritime industry, and in the oil & gas industry. Because of these specific product divisions we are better able to deliver quality solutions in these specific branches.