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Hospitals and the dentist office: medical environments require certain safety precautions. After all we are talking about the most important thing: someone his life and health. A table that starts shaking when a patient is on it in order to take a MRI. A dentist chair that suddenly lifts up during treatment of the patient. Things that should not happen. Altheris has a selection of sensors, joysticks and measurement systems who are specially developed for medical applications.

Are you looking for sensors for your medical application? Our engineers are looking forward to provide you with the right sensor and measurement solutions for your medical application. You can contact them via mail or +31 70 392 4421.

Applications in the medical sector:

We offer sensors en measurement systems for the medical branch. You will find them in applications such as:
  • Miniature joysticks for wheelchairs
  • Force load cells for impact detection on patient (low range)
  • Joysticks made of metal but without magnetic components for use on MRI panel to position the table
  • Potentiometers and encoders for positioning of MRI tables, dentist chairs