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Do you have a measurement application where you need a sensor that is not yet available on the market? Maybe it is just a slight adjustment to an already existing product, but it can also be a new product that needs to be designed from scratch. You can arrange an appointment with our engineering department to discuss the possibilities and impossibilities of your application. They are happy to discover if a prototype can be developed for you. Altheris aims to deliver a working solution for its customers as quick as possible, and that is why first prototypes are a very important part of the engineering trajectory.

Our engineers are always improving their knowledge when it comes down to sensors, and they will be the first to know when new innovations have been introduced into the world. It is Altheris? main aim Altheris to be able to offer the most advanced state of the art sensor solutions, which can be applied to the challenges of our customers. Give our engineers a challenge and they will bring you a working solution. That is what they love doing, and that is where there strength lies. For technical support or questions please contact them by mail or by phone + 31 70 392 4421.