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Measuring railway wheel profile parameters, rail wear parameters, wheel rolling circle diameter, disk wear parameters and analyzing brake disks profile and rail head profile. Important need to know information for the railway industry. In order to measure all the above, a lot of time and labor was needed in order to receive accurate measurement.

That is why Altheris developed new measurement systems for the railway industry, all laser based. This state of art laser technology measures various dimensions and profiles of both rails and wheels. Still accurate and they complete measurement within seconds and therefore they save you a lot of labor and time.

It is also possible to extend your measurement system with a PDA. The PDA connects through Bluetooth and shows the measured parameters. Software will be included as well. Your railway system can extended with accessories to complete your measurement system. Ask our railway specialists for more information: mail or + 31 (0)70 392 4421

Railway applications, all contactless laser based

  • Analysis of railway wheel profile parameters
  • High precision measurement of wheel rolling circle diameter
  • Analysis of rail head profile and measurement of rail wear parameters
  • Measurement of back-to-back distance between railway wheels
  • Disk wear parameters and the analysis of brake disks profile