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Ocean cleanup - the largest cleanup in history

18 2017

It started with the story of the then 16 years-old Boyan Slat who was diving in Greece, totally shocked about the fact that he came across more plastic bags then fish. Dreaming of a clean ocean wasn't the solution, project The Ocean Cleanup is. But the solution wasn't born overnight, it took a lot of investigation, fund raising and extra manpower. 

Soon enough Boyan Slat discovers that he isn’t the only one who cares about the environment. On the contrary! A lot of people and companies start to donate money. Currently they have raised 31.5 million dollars and the team kept expanding to more than 60 team members and still counting.

Last week Altheris attended the Ocean Cleanup event where Boyan tells everything about how his dream will become a reality. Revealing something that will lead him to the finish line faster that he could have dreamed of.

Due to a new design, the cleanup system will be more mobile. Instead of fixing the system to the seabeds, they will use anchors to ensure that the system will move slower than the plastic. Instead of using one massive system the cleanup will be carried out by a fleet of systems. With the new system The Ocean Cleanup team estimates that they can remove half of the Great Pacific Garbage in only 5 years instead of 10! They will start cleaning within the next 12 months.

Click here to watch Boyan Slat his presentation.