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Interview sander koot team captain nuon solar team

22 2017

Name: Sander Koot
Age: 23
Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Position: Team Captain Nuon Solar Team 

Q: Why did you become Team Captain of the Nuon Solar Team?
A: Last year after graduation (Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering), I had a choice: continuing my study in order to get my Master degree or taking on a challenging project first. I went for the last option and applied for the position of Team Captain at the Nuon Solar Team.

Q: We heard that more people were applying for this position. Why did they pick you over the others?
A: Oh no, that feels like bragging. Erm, okay. I think that my experience in team sport is an advantage.

Q:  What are the challenges as team captain?
A: Teamwork is key. I need to make sure that the team members work well together. And I’m responsible for the planning, sponsoring and marketing.

Q: The Delft team has won the title 6 out of 8 times, how do you handle the pressure?
A: You might think that we experience a lot of pressure, but honestly we don’t. Our aim is building the best car we can build.

Q: How do you come up with a new design?
A: The organization changes the rules/requirements every time and that keeps it challenging. For Nuna7 there were a lot of new requirements. That resulted in a large gap between us and the number 2. Last edition there were only a few changes and the competition kind of copied our winning model, that resulted in a much smaller gap between us and the  number two.

Q: You made us curious. What is the current challenge when it comes to the design of the Solar Car?
A: We used to have 6m2 for solar panels, but now we get only 4m2. A great challenge, I can tell you that! We are working on a new design, using new techniques.

Q: Can you tell me about the importance of the Altheris Torque sensor?
A: We use the Torque Sensor from Altheris to test which engine is the most efficient by measuring the torque. We do this by setting up one engine in Drive-modus, the other in Brake-modus and the sensor in between. Using the measurement results we were able to choose which engine to use. 

Q: Finish the sentence: Ten years from now I…
A: Have my Master in technical Engineering and hopefully I'm working on an innovative technical project. It would great if it is a sustainable project, but not a must.

Q: Finish the sentence: I cannot live without...
A: My laptop and my phone! I use them a lot.