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The future of transportation by thijs haselhoff

28 2017

Passport New Business Development Manager at Althen Sensors & Controls Group*:
Name: Thijs Haselhoff
Works from the office in Leidschendam most of the time, but also from the offices in Germany, France and Sweden.
Maurits Houck (Delft Hyperloop) and Thijs Haselhoff are speakers at The Future of Transportation. They talk about the Hyperloop technology and the Altheris sensors in the Delft Hyperloop pod. Buy your tickets now and save 30% with our special Speaker Invitation Only discount! 
Q: Why is your presentation at the Future of Transportation a 'must attend' for the visitors?
A: It will be a duo presentation, Maurits (Delft Hyperloop) and I will discuss the Hyperloop technology and the collaboration between the Delft Hyperloop Team and Altheris.

Q: Altheris became the sensor sponsor of Delft Hyperloop right from the start of the project. How do you determine which projects are worth sponsoring?
A: Altheris and the Technical University Delft have a special relationship for years. As the sensor specialist it is very important to stay up to date when it comes to the latest developments and projects of the University. We aim to develop durable innovations/solutions and we love to work with them on innovative projects.

Q: Why sensor sponsor of the Delft Hyperloop?
A: Delft Hyperloop is working on the durable environment friendly way of transportation, that goal fits our company values. As a company we aim to create durable and innovative solutions for other technical companies. We want to contribute to a durable planet.

Q: Which Altheris sensors are used for the Delft Hyperloop?
A:At first we focused to measure the position of the ‘’hyperloop-pod’’ relative to the maglev track over which the pod hovers.
Eventually we helped design various sensors into the Hyperloop project, from high speed laser sensors measuring the distance between suspension and the maglev track to linear displacement sensors, acceleration, inclination and as well IMU sensors combining both acceleration and angular rate. 

Q: Why are the Altheris sensors so important to the Delft Hyperloop?
A: A young and enthusiastic team of engineers can always benefit from the knowledge of experienced engineers with a slightly different background: that is where we come in!

Q: Rumors are that Altheris has some connections with Hardt (the founders of Delft Hyperloop).
A: The founders of Delft Hyperloop - the winning team of the California Space X Hyperloop competition - started a new company: Hardt. We both expect a longterm strategic partnership, because the sensor solutions will play an important part in the success of the Hyperloop technology.

Besides the sensors on the Hyperloop pod, it will be necessary to install instrumentation in the tube/tunnel. Hardt will also need a sensor solution that measures the exact position of the pod in the tunnel, while the Hyperloop is moving at a speed of 1000km/h. Our new IOT solutions division will be working on that solution. 

Q: What is your favorite innovation?
A: The autonomous selfdriving car, without a doubt!  I cannot wait till this car drives me to my destination, while I’m reading a book.

Q: I cannot live a day without my…
A: My mobile phone. Last December I went to Cuba and Panama and there was no internet. The first days I felt like an addict, but after a while I enjoyed it. During my vacation that is perfectly fine, but in my day-to-day life I cannot life without it.

Q: I wish they never invented…
A: Artificial intelligence. True I find it quite interesting, but I’m afraid that we are going to take this way too far. If a robot becomes self-learning and can adopt the human characteristics, I’m afraid that we end up living in the movie I Robot. 

Q: In 5 years…
A: In five years I hope that I will take the Hardt Hyperloop to travel from Amsterdam to our office in Frankfurt. I also hope that the distances in Europe are no longer an issue and that I can attend 3 meetings in 3 different countries all in one day. 

I also hope that Altheris/Althen will contribute to a durable future and that we will be working with companies like Ampyx and the Ocean Clean Up.

Note* Altheris Sensors & Controls and her subsidiary Althen Mess- und Sensortechnik in Germany,will merge and continue under the brand name of Althen Sensors & Controls from January 1st.2018.