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Bike pedal loadcell for professional cyclists

27 2017

Bike Pedal Loadcell  -  Improving Performance 

When using specific training tools to monitor and ultimately improve the performance of cyclists it is very helpful to measure specific forces around the pedal stroke. Currently this is done by using a single axis force measurement on the pedal or crank, estimating the power produced by the cyclist.

We proudly present our newest innovation related to sport-measurement: the Bike Pedal Loadcell.
With this intelligent sensor professional cyclists can measure not only 1 axis but up to 3 axes of forces (X, Y and Z). The output reveals precise details regarding pedaling efficiency of the cyclist. Making it possible to improve training and performance!

Application examples:
- This Bike Pedal Loadcell is the ultimate training and development tool
- Perfectly suited for progress assessing
- Excellent for use during rehabilitation

Four advantages of the Bike Pedal Loadcell:
- The loadcell sensor measures three forces instead of one, providing all essential details on pedaling efficiency
- Utilises ‘Look Keo’ standard cleats/shoes
- With a height of just 19 mm it causes a minimal disruption to pedaling ergonomics
- In the near future the sensor will be available with a wireless communication module

For more information about this product or for a quotation, please contact our Technical Sales Engineers by phone +31 (0) 70 -392 44 21 or email.