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Solar boat - promoting sustainable innovation

12 2018

Altheris meets the Solar Boat team
It is fall 2017 when we receive a call from students of Technical University Delft. They are working on a Solar Boat and could use a sensor and a partner who could provide them with some expertise. 

They might be young, but don't underestimate them, those students know exactly what they are talking about. After a short session with one of our Technical Sales Engineers it is totally clear what they need: a specific dynamic torque sensor.

Torque for design
This special torque sensor helps them with the propeller design of the solar boat. By connecting the motor and the dynamic torque sensor they run several tests. With the outcome they are able to determine what the best design is for their Solar Boat propeller.

Design reveal
On the 5th of April, after months of hard work and less sleep, it is finally time to reveal the boat. Of course we cannot reveal too much technical information, because we don't want the competition to know. But we can say this: the boat is light weight, it has a smart design and above all they might say cheese when you take a picture but they are no joke! 

We are very proud of what this team has achieved so far and we wish them the best of luck. For more information about the TU Delft Solar Boat Team please click here.

For the launch of the Solar Boat click here.