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Special vehicle


Besides a reliable sensor supplier for the well known producers in the automotive industry, Altheris also supplies sensor solutions for special vehicles. We offer you heavy duty, reliable and accurate sensor and measurement solutions.

As experienced partner in sensor and measurement systems for special vehicles, Altheris is THE partner to provide you with the right solution. Most of our sensor solutions are custom made. Therefore if you need a custom made sensor & measurement solution, please our experts via mail or + 31 70 392 4421.

Applications for special vehicles

Altheris offers you several sensors and measurement solutions for special vehicles. You will find our sensors in applications such as:
  • Fork lifts
  • Sensors for cruise control
  • Multi-axis load cells for performing crash tests
  • Heavy duty joysticks for use in special vehicles
  • Pressure sensors for brakes testing
  • Gyroscopen for navigation systems
  • Pancake load cells for fatigue- and wear testing